Dorothy Denning

Anthony D Ortenzi ao27+ at
Wed Mar 2 13:42:40 PST 1994

Excerpts from internet.cypherpunks: 1-Mar-94 Re:  Dorothy Denning by
Black Unicorn at access.dig 
> ->
> Also, I've gotten a message through to Ross Perot about our fight
> against Clipper, and how to reach me, so if I get a response, I'll let
> you guys know.
>                                         Anthony
> <-
> Oh god, that is all the cause needs.
> I can see it now:
> "Transistor brain Ross Perot opposes it!  It must be evil!"

Chill... I thought that our prime objective was to defeat Clipper...
even if you don't like Ross, he does have some pull with the people of
this country, and that's what we need... we need the *PEOPLE* to fight

We need the fight not to just be "a group of civil libertarians", but
the general populous.  Maybe Ross isn't the answer, but at least I've
taken a real step to try to oppose Clipper.  What the hell have you
done, Black Unicorn?


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