Windows Programming help wanted.

Pat Farrell pfarrell at
Wed Mar 2 12:51:34 PST 1994

This is a repeat of a request that I made last fall. I got no real response
then. Perhaps as the list has grown, someone will respond....

I am looking for help on a Microsoft Windows development project. I have
most of a Windows Client SMTP mail client program written, but I can't
devine how to make the Windows Communications API work with any marginal
success. I need help from someone who has written Windows communications

The program is functionally equivalent to NUpop or Eudora. It is designed to
work over dialup asynchronous lines without TCP/IP. Not that I dislike
all the nice functionality tht TCP/IP provides, but because some netowrk
providers (such as George Mason University) refuse to support SLIP/PPP for
political reasons, and because other providers (Netcom for one) charge
orders of magnitude more for SLIP/PPP than for async support.

The resulting product will be user firendly, a native Windows program with
the usual buttons, icons, context sensitive help, etc. It will have PGP, and
maybe RIPEM, support built in. Automagically.

I plan to release the code to the net, and will give full credit in the
About Box, documentation, etc. for any help.

Please respond via email.

Cypherpunks write code.


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