low-overhead encrypted telnet

Aggelos D. Keromitis kermit at ics.forth.gr
Wed Mar 2 09:02:04 PST 1994

In message <9403021619.AA10508 at ah.com>, Eric Hughes writes:
>The reason that encrypted telnet is a good thing is that modification
>at the network level requires kernel modification, and encrypting a
>telnet does not.  Installing an encrypted telnet daemon does require
>sysadmin cooperation, but it doesn't mean recompiling the kernel.
>As such, encrypted telnet is a good intermediate while the long term
>solution of encrypted IP gets developed and deployed.
Has anyone (other than me that is :) thought of changing just the
 library routines for setsockopt/getsockopt/send/recv ?
 It wouldnt be too hard (me thinks) to do it, but i dont know where to
 find the sockets library.

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