Insecurity of public key crypto #1 (reply to Mandl)

Eric Hughes hughes at
Wed Mar 2 08:37:22 PST 1994

I wrote:
>: Therefore _all_ communications should be encrypted at all time.  It is
>: no argument against the principle that this is difficult to do at the
>: current time.

>there would be a tangible benefit from encrypting
>a list like cypherpunks with a well-known, even casual grade key.

Yes, there would be a benefit for those who are working specifically
on mailers, but for those, like me, of course, who aren't, it would be
a royal pain in the ass.  This is an argument against the practice of
encrypting all traffic, not the principle.  And this argument only
holds in the present time; it won't hold in the future.

As Perry points out, we aren't where we want to be.  Yet.


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