Quantum mechanics banned

Timothy C. May tcmay at netcom.com
Tue Mar 1 23:54:44 PST 1994

> > I think I have found the way to end all our problems:  ESP.
> No good - the KGB has top psychics working for them,
> and the CIA has been working for years to keep up.
> I read it in the newspaper in the supermarket,
> so it must be true!
> 		Bill

Bill Stewart has failed to add that work on ESP is now classfied UMBRA
SECRET SCARLET. The Jason Society has declared Puthoff and Targ's work
on remote viewing to be of highest military significance and has moved
the research to the National Rensaissance Organization at Fort
Belvoir, Virginia. The work is run under codeword security, as part of
DOD 451 deep black ops.

Quantum cryptography has similarly been deemed of vital national
importance to a secret research facility at Area 51 at Groom
Lake. Encrypted blind pipes link the researchers to PROMIS databases at
MITRE and Fort Monmouth Signal Warfare Lab.

Quantum cryptography foils eavesdroppers, as you all know, so it
cannot be allowed in the hands of private citizens. As Professor
Denning puts it: "Would you want child pornographers to _also_ know
how to calculate wave functions?"

(However, not all is lost. Quantumpunks are reporting success in
penetrating national borders by something they call "crypto
tunnelling." Collapse of the Usenet wave function predicted. Sigh! or,
as we quantumpunks prefer to say, "Psi.")

I learned all this watching "The X-Files."

--Tim May, in an unbound state (not California)

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