GAMES: The "Crypto Anarchy Game"

Plaz plaz at
Tue Mar 1 21:35:29 PST 1994

>Tim, on the cypherpunks list you said:
>    Let me also note that this issue has--like so many things on this
>    list--come up a couple of times. Geoff Dale, for example, proposed a
>    Cypherpunks game/simulation area in a virtual world at the Illuminati
>    BBS. I have no idea how it's coming; haven't seen Geoff here in
>    months. Best wishes to Seth or anyone else who actually implements
>    such a system.
>I don't know what Geoff has been doing with the Illuminati BBS, but I
>do know that he's on the list.  Majordomo tells me so:
>    plaz at (Geoff Dale)
>Geoff, do you think it would be appropriate to describe on the list what
>progress, if any, you've made on the above referenced project?

Woops, found this in my archives. Almost a week old, forever in net time.

I did mention something about possibly doing a cypherpunks area in the
Metaverse MOO. I was largely trying to convince someone else to do it.

I have done absolutely nothing on this topic.

ExI Freegate Virtual Branch, yes. A little work on Cafe Flesh, guilty, but
no work on any cypunks game/environment.

I doubt the value of spending much time on a cypherpunk "game" anyway. It's
not like we had to introduce an internet game to the public before they
started to notice it. If someone wants to do it, go for it. It won't
register highly in my priority list, tho.


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