Insecurity of public key crypto #1 (reply to Mandl)

Eric Johnson ejohnson at
Tue Mar 1 16:20:24 PST 1994

: >Only "sensitive" information is worth encrypting and if you want to
: >stay out of trouble you don't go giving sensitive information to
: >someone you don't know.  
: If part of your communications are encrypted and part are not you have
: sent the message about what information is sensitive and what is not.
: This difference in encoding is a fir-class message in it's own right.
: Therefore _all_ communications should be encrypted at all time.  It is
: no argument against the principle that this is difficult to do at the
: current time.
: Eric

Would it not make sense, therefore, to publish a public cypherpunks
mailing list key, which is returned with subscription requests?
All incoming message cleartext to the mailing list server would
then be encrypted in the server's key; not for security, but 
precisely for the reason you state above.  That _would_ create
quite a volume of encrypted communications to each receipient of 
the list.


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