ditz in office

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Tue Mar 1 15:42:38 PST 1994

(I voted Libertarian, of course; back in '84 I had wasted my vote on (yuk)
Mondale because he was the closest to a credible threat to Reagan,
and it only encouraged them to get another useless Democrat the next time.
If there hadn't been a Lib running, I would have probably voted for
Perot just for the chaos factor, though I didn't particularly trust him.)

I had, however, hoped that Clinton, as a tax&spend Democrat, would at least
bring in some of the Liberal virtues along with the Liberal vices,
which would be better than a George Bush who had the vices of the conservatives
with none of the virtues.  Unfortunately, I've been disappointed,
in spite of how low my expectations already were :-)

Somebody who favors national ID cards, concentration camps for non-violent
political offendors, allowing the Federal cops to burn down the homes
of uncooperative religious groups if they won't surrender,
restrictions on free speech to keep the cops happy, wiretaps for everyone,
and stuff like that is *clearly* no liberal.

Some columnist, probably George Will, described him as a "passionate 
hypocrite", which seems to fit reasonably well.  I'd hoped for someone
genuinely passionate about something, and I don't see that in him.
(Nobody could describe George Bush that way, of course, since the man's
clearly not passionate about anything....)

		Bill Stewart, ranting about politics again....

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