6/6 New Yorker anti-crypto propaganda

Paul Ferguson paul at hawksbill.sprintmrn.com
Sun Jun 5 18:30:19 PDT 1994

> Highlights of "My First Flame", an article by John Seabrook in the
> 6/6/94 _New Yorker_ which explains why we need a benevolent government 
> to help regulate the internet (a very sophisticated piece of
> propaganda, IMHO):

Sounds like Mr. Seabrook may be just slightly anal retentive, only
a tad dangerous with his visions of a "kinder, gentler" net.

The culture that is "the Internet" is an anarchy and will probably
remain that way for some time to come. If he desires a more 
sanitized on-line world, he should probably stick to Prodigy.

Attitudes like his, in my own opinion, are what has made this
country (Amerika) a nation of overly sensitive dolts.


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