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> 	The government's information superhighway team is finally
> 	coming together.  Commerce Secretary Ron Brown last week named
> 	the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council.
> 	Members include Craig Fields, chairman of MCC; Mitch Kapor,
> 	chairman of the *Electronic_Frontier_Foundation* and
> 	co-creator of Lotus 1-2-3; nathan Myhrvold, senior VP for
> 	advanced technology at Microsoft; Bert Roberts, chairman of
> 	MCI; and John Sculley, former chairman of Apple.

Interesting stuff, though it really belongs on
or other netnews groups rather than in cypherpunks;
we've talked about it a bit, but the major cypherpunk issues
are encryption policy and how much we'll be able to engage in 
free speech if the state-capitalists manage to steal the nets from the
emerging free market.  (Oh, wait, that's flame bait, isn't it?  Sorry :-)

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