PGP posting validation

DrZaphod drzaphod at
Mon Jan 17 20:56:20 PST 1994

> On Sun, 16 Jan 1994, W. Kinney wrote:
> > My point of view is that if the possibility of being spoofed is high 
> > enough, that should provide sufficient incentive to the the _poster_ to PGP 
> > sign his messages.

  Robert A. Hayden replied:

> I'm looking at it as a way to keep these fake postings from flooding my 
> mailbox.  If real people want to post crap, than at least I have somebody 
> to bitch to, but fake postings waste my time and the money of people with 
> pay-feeds.
> *shrug*

	Ah ha!  Another facet of a LIST run authentication system
	[Cypherpunks Run Authentication System - CRASs?]
	may be to allow users to mail THE LIST and ask their mail
	to be filtered so they don't have to pay for msgs they don't
	want.  THIS IS DANGEROUS because a forger could mail in
	such a request.. to patch this, THE LIST could mail out a
	weekly msg -- a compiled list of which msgs got thru, and
	which were filtered, and why. 

	This opens up another possibility which may prove more
	effective.  If THE LIST can maintain a list of msgs/posters/
	PGP authentication, then those users who trust THE LIST
	to authenticate their mail can select the msgs they want
	to receive [from the same compiled list].  

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