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Sun Jan 16 18:26:03 PST 1994

[If this is of interest to you, please return the questionnaire to
the address in Detroit, not to me. Thanks.]

If you would like your association to be listed free of charge in the
Encyclopedia of Associations, the standard reference guide to
associations, societies, and other nonprofit organizations, please fill
out the following form and return it to:
 Encyclopedia of Associations
 Gale Research Inc.
 835 Penobscot Building
 Detroit, Michigan 48226-4094 
 telephone (313) 961-2242
 fax (313) 961-6815
 no e-mail address

If you do not have time to fill out the questionnaire, then just send
in some descriptive material about the organization, together with its
name, address, phone number and the name and title of an executive
officer that people can contact.

The symbol [ ] represents a box that you can check or type an x in.

Name of organization: ____
Address: ____
Telephone number: ____
Name and title of executive officer (president, chairperson, executive
director, etc.): ___
Fax number: __________
Toll-free number: _________
Telex number:________
[ ] Multinational  [ ] Binational [ ] National
[ ] Regional [ ] State [ ] Local
Former Name (and year of name change): ____
Predecessor group (if formed by merger): ____

Year founded ____
[ ] Nonmembership  [ ] Membership. Number of members_______
Describe Membership _
Number of staff_______ Budget ____ Number of: Regional groups _____
State groups ____ Local groups _____

Describe the objectives of your organization; also explain how your
organization works towards these objectives. (Please attach printed
material if helpful.)

SPECIAL SERVICES (check box and describe services)
[ ] Competitions   [ ]Awards [ ] Biographical Archives
[ ] Hall of Fame  [ ] Placement Service
[ ] Speaker's Bureau  [ ] Children's Services  [ ] Charitable Programs
[ ] Museum  [ ] Statistics
[ ] Library  [ ] Research Programs  [ ] Educational Programs
[ ] Political Action Committee
Describe (e.g. holdings, types of services) ___

Computerized Services (e.g., data bases, online and mailing list services) __
Telecommunications Services (e.g., electronic bulletin boards, telephone
referral services) __
Subunits (e.g. committees, divisions, departments, councils)

PUBLICATIONS (please attach information on additional publications.)
Title____ Type of Publication ____ Frequency of Issue ____
Features of Publication: ____
Price: ___ ISSN: ____ Circulation: ____
Advertising: [ ] accepted  [ ] not accepted
Alternate formats: [ online [ ] microform

Type (e.g., conference, congress) ___
Frequency (e.g. annual, semiannual) ____  None held [ ]
Dates and Locations: please be specific; use additional sheet if
1993: Month/Dates: ____ City/State/Country: ____
1994: Month/Dates: ____ City/State/Country: ____
1995: Month/Dates: ____ City/State/Country: ____
1996: Month/Dates: ____ City/State/Country: ____
Commercial exhibits? [ ] Yes  [ ] No

A Letter from the Editors:
 We are currently compiling information for the new edition of the
Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S., which
describes more than 20,000 national, nonprofit groups. The Encyclopedia
of Associations is published by Gale Research Inc. (founded 1954).
Complemented by companion volumes International Organizations and
Regional, State and Local Organizations, the Encyclopedia is updated and
revised annually.

The Encyclopedia of Associations, now in its 24th edition, is considered
a standard reference source and is found in libraries throughout the
country. It is used by researchers and market analysts, as well as
individuals looking for groups in a specific field. Critics have hailed
EA as a classic research tool.

We wish to include your organization in this directory and ask that you
complete the questionnaire on the other side. Please return it within 15
days (or as soon as possible). We would also be grateful for any
additional information you could provide, such as lists of parent and
sister organizations with addresses, if possible.

There is no charge or obligation for this or any subsequent listing
in the Encyclopedia of Associations.

Nigel Allen                     ae446 at

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