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Thu Feb 24 04:20:49 PST 1994

On Thu, 24 Feb 1994, Matt Thomlinson wrote:

> Sergey Goldgaber <sergey at> writes:
> >> might work, except for the fact that fragmentation _does_ go on, and when 
> >> you were to write files to the drive (heck, I do every time I start up 
> >> windows and write a huge temp swapfile) you're going to be playing 
> >> roulette with your data. 
> >This problem is solved by simply using a utility that writes directly to the
> >disk (exactly in the specified sectors, in the specified order), instead 
> >of letting DOS fragment your disk.
> I've been talking to Sergey behind the scenes, and I think I understand 
> what our miscommunication was: he is proposing this type of technique 
> ONLY for removable-type media, e.g. floppies. 

I am proposing this as a practical solution that can be implemented 
effectively mainly on floppies.  Hard-drives might have to be dedicated 
to stegonagraphy (As Matt points out below).

> To store this type of data on your harddrive would be to dedicate your
> harddrive to stego. This was my argument all along; what we failed to
> connect on was the fact that only floppies are involved. With floppies,
> every write *can* be controlled and the data would be relatively safe (and
> obscure, for that matter). 

So it seems.  However, I am wary of the possibility that there are 
drawbacks to the scheme that I haven't even considered yet.  I'm hoping 
that other astute readers such as yourself may be able to point them out; 
as, practical stegonagraphy may become a necessity in the near future.

> This correction is being posted to the list because his original post 
> said nothing about removable media.

My original post only outlined the basic premises.  I had not, at that 
point, realized that floppy use would be a virtual necessity.

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Thanks for your insights and neverfailing tenacity, Matt.


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