Someone yanking your chain? (rather than LD`s account...)

Timothy C. May tcmay at
Fri Feb 18 12:36:14 PST 1994

PGP Slave Key Server (huh?) writes:

> Hey, maybe its just me, but when I saw "Steve Dempsey"s first
> mail to cypherpunks come time ago where he represented himself
> as Lance`s postmaster, I thought "funny, this guy writes just
> like Detweiler when Detweiler is acting sane..."

Lots of folks write the same way. Short messages just don't carry
enough stylistic information. In any case, I had a few dealings with
Steve Dempsey in private e-mail (once when I complained, once when he
asked my views on a post by LD) and this claim that Detweiler = Depsey
is just, too, well, "detweileresque" for me. If it was a subtle form
of humor for the tentacles...

> So Dempsey has now said that he`s chopped LD`s account...Hmmm...
> How come this was posted today?
> > From: ld231782 at (L. Detweiler)
> > Newsgroups: sci.crypt,comp.society.privacy,alt.privacy,sci.answers,comp.answers,alt.answers,news.answers
> > Subject: Privacy & Anonymity on the Internet FAQ (1 of 3)
> > Date: 18 Feb 1994 15:22:13 GMT

Probably a chron job, set to auto-post the FAQ every several weeks.
This is the norm with FAQs.

And though Perry M. has cited the flaws in this FAQ, I think it serves
a need that is not being met by anyone else. Perhaps Perry would like
to write a better FAQ---this is not a dig at my friend Perry, just a
call that we not condemn something when the flaws are relatively minor and
nothing better exists or is likely to exist anytime soon.

Frankly, I would hate to see Detweiler's loss of his account
privileges (which was justified after his forgeries, mailbombs, and
threats) also mean the loss of the FAQ....eventually that chron job,
if indeed that's what's being used to post the FAQ, will presumably
need a human account at the other end for authorizaiton. Maybe not.

> I also notice while you were all wondering where LD could still
> be getting his cypherpunks feed from, Dempsey had become a subscriber to
> the list.  (You guys really should block that EXPN command you`s
> been mentioned often enough...)

Steve can speak for himself, if he's on the list, but there are
several plausible reasons for his interest:

- he got interested in the subject here

- he wants to see what we have to say about folks like Detweiler

- he is concerned about what we are doing and wants to collect input

- other reasons

In any case, the list is "open" and includes gateways into other sites
and lists, so it's a fact that all sorts of folks--reporteres, spooks,
administrators, etc.--are subscribing.

--Tim May

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