Someone yanking your chain? (rather than LD`s account...)

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Fri Feb 18 11:21:11 PST 1994

Hey, maybe its just me, but when I saw "Steve Dempsey"s first
mail to cypherpunks come time ago where he represented himself
as Lance`s postmaster, I thought "funny, this guy writes just
like Detweiler when Detweiler is acting sane..."

So Dempsey has now said that he`s chopped LD`s account...Hmmm...
How come this was posted today?

> From: ld231782 at (L. Detweiler)
> Newsgroups: sci.crypt,comp.society.privacy,alt.privacy,sci.answers,comp.answers,alt.answers,news.answers
> Subject: Privacy & Anonymity on the Internet FAQ (1 of 3)
> Date: 18 Feb 1994 15:22:13 GMT

> ================================================

I also notice while you were all wondering where LD could still
be getting his cypherpunks feed from, Dempsey had become a subscriber to
the list.  (You guys really should block that EXPN command you`s
been mentioned often enough...)

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