Commodity Jurisdiction success for Kerberos Bones!

Michael C. Berch mcb at
Thu Feb 10 16:07:11 PST 1994

John Gilmore wrote (a week or so back):
> Re:
> bones.tar.Z patchlevel 6" software program
> [...]
> I encourage people and companies who are interested in export issues
> to submit a commodity jurisdiction request for some software that you
> want to export, and go through the process.  In public.  The State
> Department and NSA don't publish their guidelines for what is exportable
> and what isn't, so the only way we-the-public are going to find out
> is by asking, and then telling each other.

Are these guidelines, which are undoubtedly written down *somewhere*,
exempt from disclosure under FOIA?   If not, then this might be good
way to go; if the claim of exemption appears weak, it may be worth
litigating.  Getting actual disclosure of the guidelines may be worth
quite a bit, since not only does it inform us-the-public about the
rules, it can make it easier to sue the government for not abiding by
its own rules (if it violates them). 

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