a desperate plea

George A. Gleason gg at well.sf.ca.us
Tue Oct 26 04:15:03 PDT 1993

Ray, your little rant about Detweiler, with those "I'm going to kill you"   
things, is really getting on my nerves as well.  "wimp" and so on are       
ad-hominems of the worst kind; in Berkeley we'd take that as a homophobic   
slur similar to saying, "typical Jewish attitude" or some such.  

Please stop clogging the mailing list with this bullshit, like NOW.  If you 
have rational points to make in a spirit of good will, please do so.  If all
you have to say is along the lines of your last posting, then I'd urge you  
to get the hell off this list, and find somewhere else to play dumb games.


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