German "NSA" has a Clipper plan too? + News of German conf.

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More int'l. news of some interest.

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The plan of the Clinton administration for the ISDN-Net (?!)
will be a part of a workshop or a own theme and the fight for 
private cryptos (eg. PGP), include the trouble of P. Zimmerman. 
The 'Clipper/Skipjack'-Chip can/will be a theme, because storys
are "on their way", that german BSI (*my* translation:Federal 
Office for Security of Informationsystems) and the TELEKOM 
(Telephoncompany) have a plan like the NSA.
Where all this and more? At the CCC'93 (10. Chaos Communication 
Congress 1993). 

         27. -29. Dec. 1993
         Eidelstedter Buergerhaus 
         Alte Elbgaustr. 12 
         Organization: Choas Computer Club e.V.
         Address:      CCC e.V.
                       Schwenckestr. 85 
                       20255 Hamburg
I am one of the guys who organize this workshop and the congress.
We are reading '', '' and other
information we can get.
But only to talk about the EFF *we thing* is not enough. It would 
be nice, if members of Your organization will be there and have 
the chance to explain what EFF is doing. And when You get new 
members *we hope so* it will be good for Your movement and the 
'global village'.

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