The death of the list as we know it (tm)

Robert J Woodhead trebor at
Thu Oct 7 17:59:20 PDT 1993

I've only been monitoring the list for a couple of days, but already it is clear
to me that the traffic is _way_ too high to manage as a mailing list.  Apart
from the volume, the very structure of Email tends to dis-associate message
from reply, and make it difficult to do any filtering before reading (one of
the great joys of using _nn_ IMHO).

A humble suggestion: someone undertake to create alt.cyperpunks and shadow the
newsgroup and the mailing list (so that posts to one also go to the other).
In my case this would cut my reading time in half and increase my "harvest"
by a factor of two.  The mailing list would still be available for those who
cannot get the group.  In addition, as the number of people getting the mailing
list would decrease, it would probably delay the death of the net by bandwidth
overload for a few hours (currently, it is scheduled for sometime in June 1997,
last time I checked).

Also, even an unmoderated alt group can be made moderated (and thus, filter out
most of the forgery, etc) by appropriate use of technology described in this
mailing list.

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