Tough Choices: PGP vs. RSA Data Security

Eric Hughes hughes at
Mon May 3 08:48:04 PDT 1993

>re paying a reasonable license fee, I wonder if RSA would cash my check
>for (say) $10 if I wrote on the check that it was for a license for 
>whatever they might claim on PGP.  

RSA might try to cash such a check, but if their bank is smart they
won't accept it.  A check is not negotiable if it contains a
condition.  Negotiable means it can be bought or sold.  If the check
is not negotiable then it can't properly be processed by the check
clearing house, since that would require a negotiation.  Only if the
check were drawn on RSADSI's bank would such a check be depositable,
since then your order to pay is being made to the same entity which is
receiving the check.

>One wonders what they would do with
>several hundred checks.

Return them, I would suppose.


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