Remailer abuse?

Hal Finney hal at
Fri Jan 29 10:05:55 PST 1993

When the Pax remailer was shut down, I stopped keeping any logs of my
remailer operation.  I felt that I did not want to provide information
that would be helpful to those forces which oppose information privacy.

So, I don't know the history of it, but today I received this message:

	To: hal at
	Subject: Re: what you said you wanted
	I am shocked that you would send such trash to innocent young girls,  
	whom you don't even know (Not that it is better if you know them)
	Well, I am appalled!!!
	Why me??
Is someone using my remailer to send trash to innocent young girls?
I am uncomfortable to be facilitating this kind of activity.  Can anyone
offer suggestions for the ethical thing to do in this situation?

74076.1041 at

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