Remailer Changes

Chael Hall nowhere at
Wed Jan 27 20:51:20 PST 1993

>  Why are you retaining the Subject: headder line?  If I want a
>Subject: line I should include inside the encrypted block.
>		||ugh Daniel
>		hugh at

     Taking Hugh's advice, I made the remailer strip subject lines from
the original header.  By the way, I could use a few more messages sent
through here for testing.  Please remember, it only gets remailed if:

X-Anon-To: user at host
X-Anonymously-To: user at host
Request-Remailing-To: user at host
Subject: Request Remailing

     One of the above lines *MUST* be in the header or else it won't
get remailed.  (it goes to my in box)


Chael Hall

Chael Hall
nowhere at, 00CCHALL at LEO.BSUVC.BSU.EDU, CHALL at CLSV.Charon.BSU.Edu
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