Computerized OTP (was 5th AMENDMENT & DECRYPTION)

peter honeyman honey at
Wed Jan 27 07:08:01 PST 1993

Murdering Thug wrote:

> Yes I do think the idea of making a "more random than random" stream
> by filtering out long runs of 0's or 1's weakens the the key stream
> in theory, but in practical use it strengthens it, because if the stream
> is left alone, runs of 500 bits of 0's or 1's can come through, and any
> fool can then extract plain text using XOR in this area of the cyphertext.

this is a one in 2^500 event.  just to remind you, 2^500 is 


(sorry to those folks whose screens get bugged by looooong lines.)

i wouldn't worry about a 1 in 2^500 event occurring too often ...


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