Remailer Changes

Chael Hall nowhere at
Tue Jan 26 17:18:54 PST 1993

     The following changes have been made to the remailer running here
at bsu-cs.  Note that they are effective immediately.  If some of you
would please just try sending a few messages through the remailer so
I can be sure it is working (I don't care if you remail it to yourself,
but I want to look at the debug output so that I can turn off the logs.


 - Thanks to a suggestion on here, I have changed to the more standard
   "::" format.  If and only if the first line of the message after the
   header contains "::" will the lines following it up until a blank
   line *OR* another "::" on a line by itself be parsed as though they
   are part of the header.
 - Any "X-Anon-To," "X-Anonymously-To," or "Request-Remailing-To," lines
   in the main header or the secondary header will cause the recipient's
   name to be set to its value.  The last one listed will be the one to
   which the mail is sent (I haven't decided whether or not multiple
   recipients are going to be supported yet)
 - Any "From" line in either header will be stripped.
 - Any line except the "Subject" line will be stripped from the main
   header before being sent.
 - Any lines aside from those already described above that are contained
   in the secondary header will be appended to the header before the message
   is sent out.
 - No X-Anon-To, X-Anonymously-To, or Request-Remailing-To header lines
   will be passed on in case this remailer is being chained onto another
   remailer (which would cause an endless loop if it found its own address
   as the X-Anon-To field and didn't strip it on outbound mail).

     Please let me know what you think.  Once again, this software is written
in C and I plan to release source code when the project is completed.

Chael Hall

Chael Hall
nowhere at, 00CCHALL at LEO.BSUVC.BSU.EDU, CHALL at CLSV.Charon.BSU.Edu
(317) 285-3648 after 4 pm EST

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