Computerized OTP (was 5th AMENDMENT & DECRYPTION)

Jim Thompson jim at
Tue Jan 26 09:34:03 PST 1993

> From: thug at (Murdering Thug)
> Since none of us have ever been inside the NSA, we cannot underestimate
> their power and resources.  For all we know they may have 500 Intel Delta
> supercomputers linked together, each having 65,536 i860-XP/50mhz chips.
> We really don't know what kind of iron they possess.  Thus we can't assume
> that they can't factor extremely large numbers easily.

Um, I've been inside the NSA, (and I don't have a clearence.)  

They have a very nice visitors center, where they display some of their
more arcane technology, along with little placards explaining what the
hardware does.  For instance, they display a very nice looking u-wave
radio-based computer (complete with wax lenses), and a light-based
floating-point engine that develops God-only-knows how many hundres
Gflops, and yes, it can be custom programmed.  They display a RISC core
(of their own design) than also has a custom crypto unit on-chip, said
unit can be field re-programmed.  Also displayed are various arcane
(antique) crypto devices.


P.S.  Admittedly, I didn't get very far inside..

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