crypto, NSA, gnu, and cypherpunks in Boardwatch magazine

Timothy C. May tcmay at
Fri Jan 22 21:04:06 PST 1993

Eric Hughes passed along an article he got, which originally appeared
in "Boardwatch":
(lots of stuff elided)

> by Lance Rose

(and if you read all the way to the end...)

> Those interested in cryptography issues may find a new Internet mailing list of
> interest.  A group is physically meeting in John Gilmore's Silicon Valley
> facilities and has started a mailing list under moderation of Timothy C. May
> (tcmay at The group includes John Draper (Cap'n Crunch), Tom
> Jennings, and others interested in cryptography, anonymous mail forwarding
> techniques, encryption, the Pretty Good Privacy program, and other privacy
> issues. You can join this mailing list from any service allowing Internet
> e-mail by sending a message to CYPHERPUNKS-REQUEST at TOAD.COM.
> [<BI>Lance Rose is an attorney practicing high-tech, computer and intellectual

Needless to say to all of you, I don't moderate the list! Jeez, where
do they get this stuff? 

I haven't talked to this guy, so I have no idea where he got this
idea. Perhaps he thought my posts were more moderate than others?
Obviously he never saw my "Crypto Anarchist Manifesto"!

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