use of ripem instead of pgp

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Fri Jan 15 13:26:42 PST 1993

> Since the only reason we are talking about RIPEM is because of legality
> concerns about PGP, I thought I'd mention that it is (at least theoretically)
> illegal to export RIPEM from the US, annd therefore could not be legally used
> to correspond with persons overseas.

RSAREF isn't legally exportable - that's correct. But RIPEM certainly
is. And there's nothing to prevent those overseas from using RIPEM
with whatever RSA and DES implementations they wish (they have at
least three good ones to choose from :-).

> I don't know if there is a legal way to do public key cryptography between
> persons inside the US and persons outside the US.

a) If "they" teach PGP to understand PEM - we could use RIPEM here
   to talk to them (they will use PGP, naturally).

b) If they get legal RIPEM and marry it with RSA/DES - we could talk
   with them using RIPEM on both ends.
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