Random number generators

peter honeyman honey at citi.umich.edu
Tue Jan 12 11:37:57 PST 1993

> Can someone get the paper(s) and/or talk to the researcher?

got it!


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Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1993 14:14:39 -0500
From: amf at csp2.csp.uga.edu (Alan Ferrenberg)
To: honey at citi.umich.edu
Subject: Re:  Phys. Rev. Let. paper

Dear Dr. Honeyman,

  A postscript version of the paper is available on our anonymous ftp site
(csp2.csp.uga.edu) in the /pub/documents/amf1 directory as rng.ps.

Alan Ferrenberg

  We are just beginning this ftp site, but have already collected a number of
(hopefully) interesting preprints from several authors here, as well as from
Japan and Israel.  Please feel free to browse through the selection of papers,
to upload any articles you feel might be interesting to simulational physicists
and to spread the word about this new service.

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