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Chael Hall nowhere at
Fri Jan 8 17:49:57 PST 1993

Fellow Cypherpunks:

     I am working on a program in C that will provide both anonymous
remailing capabilities and mail server operations.  In order to better
test the software I have installed it on my account through my .forward
and .maildelivery files so that all messages received with a header line
"X-Anon-To" or "Request-Remailing-To" will be remailed to the appropriate
address.  If you cannot add your own header lines with your mailer, set
the subject to contain "Request Remailing" and use the following format:

Request-Remailing-To: user at host
Subject: Anything you choose

     Any of the following fields can be placed within the "::" delimiters:


     The remailer is case insensitive and you can place the "::" lines
anywhere within the message.  Signature stripping is NOT supported, however
a "kill line" will be implemented soon so that you can halt message
processing beyond a certain point.  Message body processors are supported
as an add-on feature.  PGP support would work as a message processor.  On
my end, I can define a "start processing" line and a "stop processing" line.
Only text between (and including) those lines will be passed to the message
processor.  Unfortunately, PGP is not installed on this system, so support
will have to wait.

     I will post full specifications later.  Plesae let me know of any
ambiguities.  Please also note that I am keeping detailed logs of the use
of this software for testing purposes, but I would rather delete all logs
than provide them to authorities.  The remailer is run on a multi-user
system for which I do not have a privileged account.

Chael Hall

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