dispatches from the front lines of anonymity

Eric Hughes hughes at soda.berkeley.edu
Sat Feb 27 13:18:50 PST 1993

Re: alt.whistleblower moderation

I wrote:
>So every time a moderated group is created, every server already is

Bill writes:
>That's how it *should* work, not how it *does* work.  In real life,
>moderator addresses are distributed "out of band" to a relatively
>small number of "backbone" sites; all the rest of the sites merely
>forward the mail to a "backbone" site.

Well, we can weekly publish the submission address.  It would take
slightly more intelligence on the part of the would-be poster.

What are exactly the politics of propagating this moderator's address,
anyway?  Is it particularly difficult?  Is it automated?

Please advise.  alt.whistleblower, in addition to being a public good,
is a great way to raise hell.


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