Karl Barrus elee9sf at Menudo.UH.EDU
Fri Feb 26 07:24:55 PST 1993


Recently, Corwin (one of the Nine Princes of Amber??) asked for an
archive of the list.  I've been saving articles since I joined - not
all of them! - and currently sent them to another person.  So right
now I have them in my account in tar compressed format.  I can also
easily get MSDOS arj format.  So if anyone else, especially folks new
to the list, wants the back articles I've been saving, let me know.
Eventually the FAQ for the list will be finished and new members can
retreive that.

My archive is split into different areas: digital cash, dc nets,
anonymous mail, pools, timed crypto, misc topics, and probably some
other stuff.  My home computer is an MSDOS compatible, so files are
named to comply with DOS restrictions!

| Karl L. Barrus                    |
| elee9sf at             | <- preferred address
| barrus at (NeXTMail) |

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