Poor Man's Anonymous Remailer

DrZaphod ncselxsi!drzaphod at ncselxsi.netcom.com
Wed Feb 24 15:31:12 PST 1993

In Message 24 Feb 93 10:13:44 EST,
  Duncan/Lois Frissell <CompuServe.COM!71562.3445 at netcomsv.netcom.com> writes:

>Isn't an account that can't be traced to you anonymous?  How about an (email
>only) account for $3/month billed to you (no credit cards required).

     I think you're confusing pseunonymous with anonymous.  The goal is to
send data somewhere WITHOUT A TRACE as to where it came from.  If you used a
single e-mail address, [someone] could track it down, watch for logins, and
trace the line.  If you used MANY e-mail addresses it would clog the net..
remailers seem to be the way to go these days.  TTFN!

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