anonymous return addresses

Eric Hughes hughes at
Tue Feb 23 19:00:22 PST 1993

Re: options for anonymous return

Marc writes:
>  1. Remailer memorizes a pseudonym.  

>  2. The anonymous message includes a cryptographic "stamped
	self-addressed envelope" which contains a layered list of
	remailer addresses encrypted at each layer.  

>  3. The reply to an anonymous message can be posted in a public place
	encrypted for a key known only to the sender.

>Have I missed any important methods?

A variant of (1) greatly increases the security.  Have the remailer
memorize an anonymous return address of type (2).  The information
that is contained in a remailer then, per pseudonym, is

  a.  the pseudonym
  b.  the address of the next remailer to use
  c.  a block of stuff to be prepended to the outgoing mail.  Presumably
        this is forwarding instructions for the next remailer.  It would
	also be encrypted with the public key of the next remailer.

Thus, even if the whole pseudonym mapping list were compromised, it
would only reveal a list of sites to try and compromise next.  And at
some point the private remailer keys have to be compromised as well,
since all the remailing instruction are encrypted with them.

This system can also be chained, creating "routing pseudonyms" on
various remailers and encrypted instructions pointing one pseudonym to


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