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Paul Robichaux robichau at
Tue Feb 23 06:12:07 PST 1993

As {promised | threatened} in my message to the list last night,
here's the info file for Mac Perl, available at fine FTP sites like (the original site and holder of this file.)

I don't use Perl myself, but you can contact either Matthias or Tim
(see below); they have both been helpful with other stuff in the past.

-Paul, posting from work for once


This is Perl for the Mac, ported to MPW C by Matthias Neeracher
<neeri at> and Tim Endres <time at>. It runs every
program in the test suite that you could it reasonably expect to, and
some you probably didn't expect.  Feel free to give this program away
according to the terms stated in the README file.

System Requirements

Perl really likes MPW. The standalone version is not much use yet.
Some of the really cool features require ToolServer, System 7, and
enough RAM (Notably stuff like `CFront MacApp.cp`, while (<Å.c>) or
open(XXX, "Catenate Å.c |")) Some of the files barely compile with 5
megabytes of RAM.

Bugs, Suggestions, Damnations

Please send your bug reports and/or fixes to <neeri at> (It
is rather unlikely that any of the bugs are relevant to the UNIX

Mailing list

There is now a mailing list for announcing new releases, sharing
scripts, and discussions about how to make MPW Perl change your life.
To subscribe, send a mail to <mpw-perl-request at>

Revision History

24Jan93	4.0.6

- choose() for files no longer includes the terminating null character.
- rename() and TCP sockets work better (thanks to Brad Pickering for reporting
  these bugs).
- standalone version can read scripts from its data fork and accepts more 
  startup files.
- (hopefully) improved the documentation a little. Added ObiWan support.
20Dec92	4.0.5

- Supports sockets and symbolic links.
- "ask", "answer" and "pick" are now builtins with a slightly changed syntax
- A few mac scripts are now provided in :t:mac and :macscripts:
- The application now always searches for a #! line first. If none is found,
  the script is executed anyway, but the file has to be read twice.
27Sep92	4.0.4

This release upgrades the Mac version to UNIX patchlevel 35.

08Jun92	4.0.3

This release supports opendir (In fact, I thought the last one'd already support it.
Thanks to Mike Meckler <meckler at> for reporting this bug).

dbmopen & friends are now supported.

20Jan92	4.0.2

First public release.

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