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Tue Feb 23 03:50:49 PST 1993

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>>Subj:        Mac HD Cypher...
>>Does anyone know of a way or program that can completely encrypt a hard
>>on a macintosh computer so that only the person that knows the key can
decrypt it?

Well, I don't know about "impenetrable" other than my first girlfriend when I
was 9's underpants, but FWB's Hard Disk ToolKit (aka HDT) provides, besides
very nice control over all aspects of SCSI drive configuration, three levels
of 'protection': a driver-level password (keeps yer granny out) and two
levels of block-by-block encryption - simple password-based (keeps your savvy
mate from editing the file blocks and recovering your loveletters) or DES
(keeps most non-Fed attackers out).

The advantage of this device-driver level encryption is that the drive can be
used normally as long as you know the password. Otherwise, if some spook with
a warrant tries to mount it down at his office, he has to fill out a shitload
of forms, FedEx it to Fort Meade and wait a few days for the lads in the lab
to crack it for him before he can come back with the 'cuffs.

I recommend giving the drive an HDT driver-level access password as well as
DES encryption if you're really concerned that your girlfriend is gonna see
the shit you been writing about her to that other chick. I use these options
on a couple of 44 MB SyQuest removeables. I sleep pretty well at night (when
I sleep, that is).

>>I am looking for a crypt that is completely IMPENETRABLE!!!

Dream on, Smedley. Anyone who's ever graduated from Paranoid U. can tell you
that when the chips are down (i.e. the New Sons of Armageddon come a-knockin'
at yer shack), DES is about as secure as my third girlfriend when I was 12's
panties - not very. OK, so I enjoyed puberty, sue me...

>>Your help would be appreciated,
>>Jumping Jack Flash

You can find HDT mentioned in any decent Mac 'zine. Happy Jumping.


PS: I'd tell you FWB's phone number in the 415 (SF) area, but that might
sound like advertising.      :-)

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