Remailer to anon.penet.f

Hal 74076.1041 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Feb 22 20:34:43 PST 1993

Chael Hall points out that remailer operators who use their personal
accounts for the remailing are vulnerable to having their
pseudonyms (if any) discovered by users who request remailing to that

For those operating remailers based on the Perl scripts originally
written by Eric Hughes which I modified, I use the following maildelivery
file to prevent the attack Chael mentioned:

# field                 pattern action/ string 
#                               result  (quote included spaces)
Request-Remailing-To	file	A	Bitbucket
Anon-To	file	A	Bitbucket
Request-Remailing-To    ""      pipe A
Anon-To			""	pipe A
Encrypted               PGP     pipe A
*                       ""      pipe ?

This puts any message to into a file called Bitbucket.
My script does not support the slocal/maildelivery feature
which deletes a message, so this is the closest I can come.  (I suppose
another alternative would be to pipe it into "cat > /dev/null".  That
would look like:

Request-Remailing-To	pipe	A	"cat > /dev/null"

I haven't tried this one.)

BTW, if anyone has made changes to the remailer scripts, please send
them to me.  I would like to clean up the scripts a little, add more
error checking, and submit a new version to the FTP site.

Hal Finney

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