Anon bug

Joe Thomas jthomas at
Mon Feb 22 13:31:55 PST 1993

an5877 at (deadbeat) wrote:
>> I believe I have uncovered a serious bug in the Finnish anonymous
>> remailer, one that allows me to piece together anonymous id's and
>> actual email addresses.

>> I'm reluctant to publish the details here, but I'll explain how it
>> works if you send me your email address.

To which Julf replied:

>Hmm. How about letting me know about it so that I have a chance to  

I'm worried that the "serious bug" might be that the system won't  
prevent the gullible from mailing "deadbeat" their e-mail addresses  
through penet.  Once they've done that, he can "piece together" their  
anonymous IDs and email addresses quite easily.

I hope I'm wrong about this, though...

(Who is not writing virii at the MITRE Corporation... not doing much  
at all, really)

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