WHAT Can we do?

Kelly Goen kelly at netcom.com
Sat Feb 20 12:10:10 PST 1993

 OK So I am preparing a posting for
alt.activism, misc.activism.prog alt.activism.d and alt.conspiracy,
alt.anarchy and alt.society.revolution. As well as alt.native!!.
I also plan to spread these postings into peacenet and econet.

     I plan a Monograph series with titles such as

      How to get find and use PGP for political and non-technical types.

      How to use PGP for the Investigative reporter.

      How to use PGP and a PAX anonymous posting Mechanism to
      become a whistle blower.

      Political/Whistleblowing/Investigative uses of 
      David Chaum anonymous networks.

      101 Political uses for an Anonymous Remailer

      How to investigate and expose the investigators
      safely and easily via use of DC Networks
      and Investigative Databases.

      How to digitise Video and Still photos and
      spread them anonymously via DC style networks and
      PAX Encrypted Anonymous posting Mechanisms.

Ad nauseam, I need volunteers to work on the monograpghs and
people to proofread. Some of the soures I am using are
the Security, Anonymity and Privacy FAQ parts 1-3. And
at present although  PAX has been shutdown we can use combinations of
multihop anonymnous remailers and sites like the penet site in
finland to ensure anonymity. Sites and Volunteers are needed for
more remailers, PGP key Servers and PAX anonymous Posting mechanisms

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