Spreading Encryption to Political Groups (fwd)

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Fri Feb 19 12:43:43 PST 1993

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> Subject: Spreading Encryption to Political Groups
> Kelly Goen expresses his outrage about the powerfreaks controlling the
> police/spy/military agencies and encourages us to help spread encryption
> and privacy technology to the groups figthing the government:
> Even though I'm a libertarian (small "l") anarchocapitalist who happened to
> vote for Perot (who has his defects!), I support some (but not all) of the
> liberal agenda. Especially as regards getting the government out of our
> lives. (And where I part company with many on the left is in the areas of
> interference in free markets, anti-discrimination laws, and other statist
> invasions of freedom and privacy.)
> -Tim May
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As a further note I have been in communication with John Dinardo
who has been spreading a LOT of information of this type
around the net and who was responsible for my personal
awareness of the PROMIS/INSLAW/BCCI/Cabazon affair , A reporter
named Danny Casarlo lost hist life in the middle of this,
The investigative journalist and whistleblower community
has many among it who would come forward if onyl
a anonymity guranteed by technology(not by a sysadms promise not to look)
type of network such as David Chaums thoughts express...
The information that could then come forth could make the effects
of crypto spread to the common man MUCH more pronounced and help
us put ALL of the cold warriors in therapy where
they so obviously need to be... JUST for the record I am a randist...
not a socialist AND it makes nodifference to me what a socialist
says he/she/it no matter what political stripe or pursuasion or
sexual orientation has an equal right of access to privacy and anonymity
if our constitution is to survive the onslaught of the federal intelligence
communitys move from the cold war to the drug war.




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