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Fri Feb 19 09:51:53 PST 1993

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All welcome the new remailer Rusty has set up!
Also, congrats to Chael Hall for his efforts - I'm testing his remailer
as well for inclusion in various scripts.

(Eric, I'm not getting any responses back from your remailer @cicada
for some reason, even if I just use it as a single hop)

Look for the 8 remailer routing confirmation coming soon - also
through rebma.

If there's some temporary problem with cicada and it's fixed, look for
the 9 remailer hopping message.

And if that shows, look for the 10 remailer routed message (now that's
security) utilizing extropia if I have to build the headers myself!!

Question: of the unix users, who does NOT have access to ksh (via your
login shell or #!/bin/ksh or somewhere else)?  Rewriting hop.mail in
ksh would allow me to support extropia, and reverse the chaining
direction (that is, route the mail as you specify and not actually in

DOS folks can expect hopmail.exe (source + executable) because I don't
think its possible in the native batch language.

Well, I guess you can figure out who this is, so

| Karl L. Barrus                    |
| elee9sf at             | <- preferred address
| barrus at (NeXTMail) |

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