the revocation blues

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Fri Feb 19 07:11:30 PST 1993

this certainly presents a challenge for the trust web.
i suppose the key ring needs a "kill" list.


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Subject: Key Revocation Problems
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Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1993 23:56:35 GMT
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Hello Everyone!

	Several of us have been wrestling with a key revocation
problem for some time now. When I first installed PGP 2.1 I had a
weird chain of events follow. I generated my personal key and sent a
copy of my public key to Vesselin Bontchev and Ken van Wyk. This key
was posted to one of the large keyrings almost immediately. Several
hours later, I was still playing with PGP and suffered a disk crash. I
had not yet had a chance to back up my keyring. Needless to say, I
lost the keyring and now I have no way to revoke the key. The specific
key I'm talking about is 0x76A3. The key I currently use, 0xB199 is
the one I plan on using from now on. It is backed up frequently of
course. About a week ago I sent a signed message to Vesselin
explaining the problem and he agreed to add his own comments, sign it,
and post it to and sci.crypt. The message seems to
have fallen through the cracks which is why I'm posting this message.
I'm sure if Vesselin, explorer at, and warlord at are
reading this, they will add their own verifications of this problem.
If I receive the errant message from Vesselin, I'll repost it also.

	In the meantime, if you feel this is enough verification to
remove the public key 0x76A3 from your public keyring, I sure would
appreciate it. If you require further verification, I will be glad to
discuss it on the phone. My home number is 713-534-3653 and my work
number is 409-772-2706 (the secretary). I apologize for any
inconvenience. At least this fluke chain of events may show everyone
the importance of backing up your PGP keyrings often.

	Remember 0xB199 is the good one!!

Version: 2.1e

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 John A. Perry  -  perry at

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