digital store?

Karl Barrus elee9sf at Menudo.UH.EDU
Wed Feb 17 14:35:24 PST 1993


	I've received mail from a bank user who wonders what to do
with the "money".
	I responded that there really isn't too much reason to spend
your money now, given that there isn't too much to buy :-)  I've been
trying to think of something the bank customers can do to trade bills,
sort of a fixed monetary economic experiment.  Anybody have ideas?
	Right now, bank customers can contact each other anonymously
by using remailing headers set up for the remailer
elee7h5 at - use the get command to receive a list of
headers (for more info see the new help file).  The only thing I can
think of right now that people can do is play "mental poker" and use
digital bills.  Of course, messages back and forth need to be
encrypted because such activity can be seen as gambling, although of
course there is no real money involved.
	I'm working on a help file/FAQ for the bank, but I want to
finish writing hop.mail for MSDOS first, and that isn't going as fast
as I would like since I find the DOS scripting language to be, well...

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