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John Gilmore gnu
Sat Feb 13 04:21:32 PST 1993

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Subject: Re: Technology Policy and Information Infrastructure 
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Vint, if your testimony will touch on "technology policy" as it relates to
cryptograpy policy, then here are a few more "sound bits":

  *  Privacy and authenticity technologies are key to reliable
     and trustworthy social and business interactions over networks.

  *  Current government policies actively prohibit and inhibit the
     research, design, manufacturing, sale, and use of these technologies.

  *  Taxpayers have been investing many billions of dollars per year
     in these technologies, in the NSA "black budget", but have seen no
     return on this investment.

  *  Current "cold war" policy should be turned on its head.  Privacy
     is one of the fundamental rights from which the Bill of Rights was
     derived.  Government policy should encourage privacy technologies.
     Government controls on cryptography should be completely removed.

  *  The taxpayer investment in privacy technologies should be returned to
     the taxpayers by declassifying NSA research and encouraging its
     widespread deployment to protect domestic civilian communications.

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