Wired photo shoot at cypherpunks on Saturday

Eric Hughes hughes at soda.berkeley.edu
Wed Feb 10 17:51:26 PST 1993

Kevin Kelly, editor of Wired Magazine, former list member, and former
editor of Whole Earth Review, asked me to forward the following
message to the list.

OK, everybody, it's your chance for fame or the avoidance thereof.


WIRED magazine is running a story by Steven Levy (Hackers, Artificial Life)
on crypto rebels and the current politics of encryption. The story takes an
extremely sympathetic view of the work  done by this list.

To illustrate this story, WIRED will have a professional photographer at
Cygnus at next Satuday's cyherpunk meeting. He will set up outside of the
meeting area somewhere. WIRED would like to shoot an anonymous group
picture, for those willing to participate. We propose supplying blank face
masks upon with individuals can write their public key. In addition we will
be shooting non-anonymous portraits of some individuals, if they are
willing. We would like it to be fun. We emphasize that this is all voluntary
and will take place away from the meeting area, perhaps before and after the

If you have any questions about this you can email me, Kevin Kelly, editor
at WIRED, kk at well.sf.ca.us

We think this article will make a big splash by bringing the issues
you care about into the forefront. Having real people behind the ideas
leads credence to tthe movement. We seek your cooperation.

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