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Karl Barrus elee9sf at Menudo.UH.EDU
Tue Feb 9 22:58:55 PST 1993


Out of curiosity, what are the approximate computer ratios among this
list?  That is, how many people use MSDOS, how many use Mac's, how
many Amigas, many have Unix, how many have VMS?  

I'm just curious because it recently struck me that not everyone here
is running Unix, and thus can't really use the scripts I've written
(which help use the anonymous remailers).  So I wrote a helper program
in C++ for MSDOS, but after looking at the code, I've decided to bury
it and replace it with the following MSDOS script (at bottom of this

Also, I'm curious because I'm thinking of writing some help programs
for the digital bank, which will help automate interactions with the

------8< cut here >8------
@echo off
rem anonmail.bat - MSDOS script to assist in using the anonymous remailers
rem Karl L. Barrus - elee9sf at

if '%3'=='' goto help

echo :: > zzztemp1.txt
echo Request-Remailing-To: %2 >> zzztemp1.txt
echo. >> zzztemp1.txt

if '%3'=='1' goto noencrypt
if '%3'=='2' goto noencrypt
if '%3'=='3' goto noencrypt
if '%3'=='4' goto encrypt
if '%3'=='5' goto encrypt
if '%3'=='6' goto encrypt
if '%3'=='7' goto encrypt
if '%3'=='8' goto encrypt
if '%3'=='9' goto special

echo Improper choice.
goto done

copy zzztemp1.txt + %1 zzztemp3.txt

goto done

if '%3'=='4' set pgpremail=hal at
if '%3'=='5' set pgpremail=remailer at
if '%3'=='6' set pgpremail=elee7h5 at
if '%3'=='7' set pgpremail=phantom at
if '%3'=='8' set pgpremail=hfinney at

echo :: > zzztemp2.txt
echo Encrypted: PGP >> zzztemp2.txt
echo. >> zzztemp2.txt

pgp -ea zzztemp1.txt %pgpremail% 
copy zzztemp2.txt + zzztemp1.asc + %1 zzztemp3.txt

goto done

if '%3'=='9' set pgpremail=remail at

copy zzztemp1.txt + %1 zzztemp2.txt
pgp -ea zzztemp2.txt %pgpremail%
copy zzztemp2.asc zzztemp3.txt

goto done

echo  Usage: anonmail filename destination_address remailer_number
echo  1: hh at          no encryption
echo  2: hh at           no encryption
echo  3: hh at             no encryption
echo  4: hal at           encryption
echo  5: remailer at            encryption
echo  6: elee7h5 at        encryption
echo  7: phantom at    encryption
echo  8: hfinney at         encryption
echo  9: remail at       special
echo NOTE: final output will be placed in the filename specified
del %1
rename zzztemp3.txt %1
del zzz*.*

| Karl L. Barrus                    |
| elee9sf at             | <- preferred address
| barrus at (NeXTMail) |

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