Compressed/Encrypted Voice using Modems

Craig Presson cp at
Tue Feb 9 13:07:00 PST 1993

In <9302091839.AA09736 at>, Perry E. Metzger writes:
|> > From: Eric Hughes <hughes at>
|> > Not only that, he was single handedly responsible for the 15 minute
|> > delay rule in reporting stock market transactions.  Evidently he
|> > applied information-theoretic techniques to the data and was able to
|> > make a load of money at it.  I have no references on this, and would
|> > love to see some.
|> I don't believe this. You can buy data feeds that give you instant market
|> data, rather than 15 minute delayed information. I've worked for
|> operations like Morgan Stanley's Analytic Proprietary Trading Group,
|> and although I've seen some neat tricks applied to market data, I've
|> never heard tell of Shannon developing any, nor is there any delay
|> in the data such groups use for trading.
|> Perry

In particular, Compuserve subscribers get 15-minute old stock
quotes for free, and pay extra to get closer to real-time.

To quote an advert from Open Systems (Propaganda) Today:
"            SuperHackers
D.E. Shaw & Co., a small, ... algorithmic trading firm,
seeks brilliant, world-class software professionals to
help create Wall Street's future. ..."

This may be drifting off-topic, unless someone sees a way to finance
anarcho-ventures with high-tech arbitrage. I suppose Perry would be in
the middle of any such cabal -- or maybe he isn't saying ;-)
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