How to e-mail the White House

Stephen Dunne sDun at
Fri Feb 5 03:23:58 PST 1993

In article <9302050051.AA07524 at> you write:
>>         PS: Extra special thanks to Mr. Tribble for finding this. Where did y
>>         it up?
>>Thanks for the thanks, but I just forwarded it.  I don't know who
>>originated the message.  Afterward I noted that the chatty part of the
>>message sounded like I had written it.  We can appropriately give
>>thansk to a now anonymous source :-)
>I've seen it broadcast on a number of listservs, actually; I don't
>think it's being kept to any degree of secrecy.  However, nearly every
>place it was posted soon found follow-ups reporting receiving undelivered
>mail messages.  Maybe it's encrypted.
>John Coryell.
Nah!! It's Compu$erve bouncing mail because the mail-box is probably full.
I can very easily imagine the net totally flooding it!! :-)

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