Elaborating on BART pigs

John Draper crunch at netcom.com
Thu Feb 4 00:19:52 PST 1993

Dan says:

>John indicated
>that information was stored in encrypted form, and that
>the authorities were unable to read it.
>Since John is on this list, perhaps he can elaborate.

Yes,  I can...  Certainly.   I was using a Mac with a
HyperDrive,  and kept all me personal Email and job bids
encrypted using the "Security" program provided for the
HyperDrive users.    I don't know how many files I had
encrypted,   but if the police had somehow managed to
decrypt it,  they would be very dissapointed,  as I'm sure
they would find much use if any of it as evidance that I
was involved in any kind of conspiracy or something.   I was
just a neat program,  easy to use,   and after I archived
the programs,  I encrypted it,  and used a secret
key "Pigs suck" at the time.

Oh,  one other thing,  the new OOP version of the MacPGP Shell
is coming along quite nicely,   Blair has been very responsive
to provide me with a good solid design,  thus requiring little
interaction,   and those little GUI's are coming along just 
fine,  than you...

More later..

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