turning on yourself during car stops

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Mon Feb 1 17:37:37 PST 1993

> >From: Peter Honeyman <honey at citi.umich.edu>

> >i believe there is a special exception related to automobiles
> >that makes them subject to search without a warrant when the
> >driver is placed under arrest.  but check with a lawyer.

Just be sure not to get out of your car -  there are different rules that apply 
to cars without occupants in them, though your state's rules may  vary.

But it's much better to avoid getting to that stage.  Be friendly in your
non-cooperation, and if a hostile-looking  cop wants to see whether your papers are in order, give him your license,  registration, insurance papers, 
*and* your ACLU card ("Don't leave home without it").

As a friend of mine says to cops, "If you've got a legal right to search 
my car, I'm sure you will, but if you need my permission, you don't have it."

Of course, this is no longer really cypherpunks material, just regular punks :-)

			Bill Stewart, somewhere in New Jersey

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