comments on Don's "Cypher Bank"

Eric Hollander hh at
Sat Nov 28 18:25:32 PST 1992

>If only the hash value is mailed, then the full key can be e-mailed
>or anonymously posted to a newsgroup that you montitor.  If the full key
>is mailed, you should invest in a scanner and some simple OCR software.

I have been thinking about this.  I think that pgp should have a postscript
output module, so you can print your public key on the back of business
cards and hand them out to people you meet.  Or businesses could put it on
thier flyers.  Or many other uses for times when you don't want to have to
have your computer there to exchange keys and you don't want to exchange
disks because they're expensive and big and have lots of different
incompatible formats (and some people, like me for instance, don't have any
disk drives).

I think the best font for this would be a font like OCRA, the font used at
the bottom of checks.  This font allows for very reliable scanning.  Does
anyone know where I can get a postscript version of this font?  If someone
can find it, I'll write a program that outputs a public key in that font in
the right size for a business card.


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